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Marketing Consultant

Renee Levine, Marketing Ninja
Hi, I'm Renee.

I've enjoyed a fulfilling marketing career across a number of major brands including British Airways, Oxford Health Plans, HealthNet and Cessna Aircraft Company, where I successfully led teams of professionals, marketed services to diverse audiences, and overcame domestic as well as international challenges with the development and execution of creative marketing solutions.  My work has garnered several awards over the years for branding, TV, direct mail, online, collateral and video animation.


I approach each consulting project as if it were my own company.  My passion is getting to the heart of a business and developing strategic and creative marketing solutions to address the most pressing challenges.

My background in the martial arts and more recently in obstacle course racing has taught me the importance of focus, perseverance and determination, and has given me the drive to overcome any obstacle that is thrown at me—whether it's a challenging work assignment or an 8' wall in the middle of a 7 hour race.

Here's what I am:

-strategic   -creative   -flexible   -responsive   -reliable   -honest   -results-driven

Here's what I'm not:

-a designer   -a programmer  


But, I work with people who have these skills.

We start out with a discussion.  My goal is to understand what you are trying to achieve and within what timeframe.  I ask A LOT of questions.  Once I feel like I have a solid understanding of what your goals are, I give an honest assessment of whether I believe I can help you.  Don't be surprised if I throw in a few ideas off the top of my head before we've even started.  I enjoy helping others; even if we don't end up working together, I'm happy to share my initial thoughts.
There's no one "next step", as every assignment is different.  Some clients have a specific project they need completed, while others look to me to figure out how to take their marketing to the next level.  Either way, I put together the right plan for each assignment, gain buy off, and get to work.
I share my thinking throughout the process, to ensure we are on the same page.  Course corrections are just a part of the process, as is honest feedback (it's ok, I can take it!). After having worked with me for a while, many of my clients consider me a virtual part of their team.
My clients range from entrepreneurs trying to get their businesses off the ground, to small and medium-sized companies that might not have enough money to hire a marketing agency, to larger companies with specific projects that need focus for a set period of time or a replacement for someone who is out on temporary leave.
So whether you:
are clear on what you need or need another head to figure out which direction to go...
are near me in the tri-state area or even in another country...
have one big project or a lot of little
want the experience of a marketing vp without having to pay for benefits or the expensive overhead of an agency... me and let's discuss your needs!  My 1/2 hour consultation is free!
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